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Scan tomorrow

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Hi everyone hope you all are keeping safe and well.

After waiting for about 3 months I finally have a trans vaginal ultrasound tomorrow to finally try and figure out what is going on. I just finished a 5 week period on Friday so this couldn't happen at a better time. I'm feeling a bit anxious about the scan and hoping that whatever they find will get to the bottom of the 6 months of uncomfortable pain and stress I've been through with my irregular menstrual cycles.

What should I expect when I have this scan tomorrow?

Wish me luck x

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🙂 Best wishes for your scan

Hi. Transvaginal scans are pretty simple. They will want you to have an empty bladder. You will have to strip from the waist down and be given a sheet to cover you. They basically stick a condom on a probe and then insert it. It doesn't tend to be painful unless they have a really good dig around to try and find something but then its just uncomfortable. All you need to do is stare at the ceiling and think nice thoughts! Good luck x

Thank you so much for the informative reply :)

Good luck and hope you will get better soon.

Thank you all for the comments but unfortunately I had a phone call today cancelling the scan appointment because the person who does them is sick 😫

Hi there I've had a few of these not painful a little uncomfortable but the last one she atcually let me guide it inside .if they press too hard say it as some of them don't realise as trying to get a clear pitcure but honest its painless..over in 5 mins ..Good luck..I'm 63 had bladder prolapse for 8 yrs managed it with hrt and kegal 8 and lots of vits..but they found thickning of endometrial wall as I was I've beeb advised to have a hystoercomany aswell as prolapse repair by my gynie I'm fortunate to be going private so I can choose wen it's done hopefully end Jan as so busy helping my daughter atm..very nervous of course as never had a g..a before or any ops ..but best safe than sorry so I'm going for it....Good luck u will be fine...jx

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