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Period not stopping...πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

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I'm on day 9 of my period and I'm still bleeding red like I've just started.

My period usually lasted 7 days before where I used to bleed for 4 days then it would taper off until i was clear on day 7.

For the last 2 cycles, I've continued to bleed red blood for almost 10/11 days. I don't get the usual brown blood in the end ether. It just stops eventually.

And sometimes it stops and just when I think I've finished, I start bleeding red again.

Does anyone have this? How do you deal with it?

I was already low in iron before this started and I don't want to be dealing with Iron tablets for the rest of my life. If if helps I'm 46.

Please help.

Thanks xx

3 Replies

Sorry to hear you are struggling. Have you been to the doctors? Extended bleeding can be signs of something or nothing at all but it might be worth getting checked out.

I have very heavy prolonged bleeding and have been diagnosed with quite severe fibroids. But before that diagnosis my periods went HAYWIRE after my second covid jab. My cycles changed length and got very heavy. It ended up being reported on The BBC website

Its worth just getting a bit of an MOT to check all is ok. But wanted to reassure you it isn't necessarily terrible news x

Hello there. Thanks for replying.

Yes, I was diagnosed with a 3cm fibroid about 3 months ago by ultrasound when they were checking for something else. Maybe that's one reason.

I also have endometriosis but I've had that for 6 years so I doubt it's it. Could this be related to perimenopause?

Sorry to hear you're suffering with this too. How long do your long periods last? Are you dealing with low iron too?

I'll be sure to mention it to my GP when he calls tomorrow i just wanted to see if anyone else experiences this.

Thanks xx

I agree it's one to run past your GP. As you've mentioned you're 46, I wonder if peri-menopause could be a culprit. Your period can be funny for up to 10years before you hit menopause.

Also just worth mentioning that a few people have noticed funny periods for a couple of months after catching Covid or getting the Covid vaccine. Those changes settle down again after a month or two, and are usually nothing to worry about (it's just stress causing some hormone disruption)

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