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Contraceptive implant (nexoplanon)

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So I have the implant fitted 3 months today and since then I’ve been irregularly bleeding which I’m completely fine about and doesn’t bother me but 3 days ago I started like a period it’s heavy and getting cramps. Just want to know any people who have had the nexoplanon implant will I keep bleeding for along time now or will it be like a normal period. My normal periods last 3-4 days and coming up to my 3rd just don’t want to now be heavily bleeding all the time small bleeds and spotting I was able to manage and was fine about.

Thank you

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I’ve been on nexplanon since July. Had no period July or august and started bleeding in September and bled for 12 days with spotting before and after. My periods were usually 2-3days. In September I shed my endometrial lining in one go which was scary but still was bleeding, doctors found I had a folate deficiency and have been doing other tests. My period started again 10 days ago, it is lighter now but still annoying. Personally I’m thinking on having it removed. I’ve been getting migraines stomach pains back ache have no sex drive and my mood isn’t the same.

Hope this helps.

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