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PMS are back

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Hello, the best part of the month has arrived! Suddenly, from a day to another, the grey cloud arrived, and now it’s above me and getting bigger. Overcast for the new few days.

It started yesterday, pale grey and kind of showing up slowly. It became big this morning, or possibly last night already.

I know I’ll have to live with this for the next few days: low performance at work, my relationship on the brink of a silly fight, feeling bored about my loved ones, no interest in anything, considering resigning from my job.

The worse part is that I avoid reaching out for help, I stay by myself, which doesn’t help. But I know I would be unreasonably and quite pathetic with other hence I avoid the contacts.

I know very well that it’s just temporary, only problem is I cannot convince myself that I’m more than these symptoms.

Or maybe I can? Maybe I could just write it like a mantra this is only temporary, don’t give it too much importance. But how am I supposed to understand what’s going on in me if I don’t listen to my feelings?

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I find the Flo period tracking app quite useful for their articles explaining how hormones can cause these low slumps.

It does suck, I find it's worse this year due to being stuck at home. I think there's a few things that are meant to help, but I'm my own worst enemy for not doing them!

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