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Could this spot be serious like mouth cancer?

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I’m 19 years old and don’t smoke or drink. I have this white growth/spot or lesion maybe (?)that has a spongy feeling on my lower inner cheek. it also has a super tiny hole but unfortunately i couldn’t stretch my mouth that further to get a pic of it. i’m in pain/discomfort when i eat so i have to avoid chewing on that side. when i bite down on nothing, my teeth involuntary bites down on it which triggers the pain. im very anxious if this is anything serious/cancerous. my dentist appointment isn’t until late august sadly so i have been restless.

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If you're concerned, you would be better to call your dentist, as it's better to get a professional opinion.

I have had a similar problem when a mouth ulcer caused swelling that I then kept biting. The lump stuck around for a while, but it was only because of the trauma of continually biting the same spot. I didn't even mention it to my dentist, but at the check-up he instantly knew, because his first question was "when did you bit that?"

I have similar patches sometimes, where I’ve bitten my cheek. You can see the impressions of the teeth on the fleshy part of the cheek. But as always, if you want peace of mind you’ll need to see a dentist.

Hi Ive got one under my tongue really painful mines a canker mouth ulcer. It is painful to eat and swallow try gargling salt water seems to help they can last up 2 weeks, if worse or not going go to your doctor.

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