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Should I go to the GP about my period?

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I have been on the contraceptive pill for nearly 3 years now, my periods have always been slightly heavy and regular, however the past couple of months they have started to become late, lighter and more frequent blood clots...

Is this something to be concerned about? Is it worth going to the doctor about?

Please help!

10 Replies
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Do you take the pill all month? As if you have a week off, that should be regulating it for you.

I suppose you need to consider if anything else has changed in your life - stress, diet, exercise - if nothing has changed, then see your doctor. If it can be linked to a new diet for example, it might just be that your diet is too strict.

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ktz247 in reply to Cooper27

Thank you for taking your time to reply!

I do, I am on Levest and I take it for 3 weeks and the 4th week is the break where I have my period, I haven't really gone on a diet but I have cut out a lot of rubbish, I have cut down on sugary foods, snacking and have made sure to up my water intake but other than that I still eat relatively normal for dinner, I just don't snack anymore so I am probably having less calories than I used to!

I have been experiencing migraines since starting this pill but it's only about once a month, my main concern is on the blood clots and the light flow as blood clots are normally associated with a heavy flow as far as I am aware of!

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Cooper27 in reply to ktz247

If you have a week off, then that should regulate your period so I think the fact it's coming later might be worth discussing with your doctor, even though there is a possible link to your diet changes.

I don't think there are hard and fast rules about clotting , but there's no harm in discussing it with your doctor if you're seeing them anyway.

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You don't say how old you are. My last year on the pill, age 44, my periods were no longer in sync with the pill. They would be lighter, with break through bleeding , come earlier or later. Turned out, it was beginning of early menopause. Stopped the pill and my periods soon stopped. Did have support of my physician. I would suggest you get it checked out.

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ktz247 in reply to Quilt2

Thank you for taking the time to replying!

I'm only 21 so not the menopause just yet! I know periods can change while starting the pill and change your cycle but I've been on it for coming up to 3 years so it shouldn't be changing should it?

Like I said, it's more the blood clots that I worry about as I am use to blood clots on my heavy period but the last two periods have been blood clots all the way till the end of my period and being light!

Sorry if this is all too much information! 😂

I don't know if I'm just worrying about nothing but I'd rather get advice and see what others think before wasting the GPS time when others may need it more!

Thank you for replying, really appreciate it!

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SraB in reply to ktz247

Go! You deserve it as much as others. I also have to push myself.. i dont like my gp haha.. but some times it has been important. Their job is to differeciate non important vs important so always go if on doubt. For me clots was -> fibroids.

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ktz247 in reply to SraB

Thanks for replying!

I gathered the strength and had an appointment with them today! She said that it seems to be a normal change and nothing to be concerned about just of yet and to keep an eye on it if any other changes happen!

Better to be safe than sorry and get the reassurance!

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Hello I have a condition called adenomyosis which causes heavy bleeding, clots and prolonged bleeding alongside pain. Also have endometriosis. To be on the safe side I would speak to your GP, as these conditions required treatment and medication. If you feel something isn’t right within your body then you are probably right. I went through months of not being well and knew something was wrong, as it was abnormal for me to have issues with my periods x

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ktz247 in reply to AllthatGlitters

Thanks for replying! I had an appointment with the GP today and she said it all seems normal from my end and that changes like that happen! So nothing to be concerned about just yet, and told me to keep and eye on it for any more changes!

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AllthatGlitters in reply to ktz247

That’s good 😊

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