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Anyone take oral Flagyl for Bacterial Vaginosis?


I really need some help with this: A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis. The Doctor suggested I try the Metronidazole (Flagyl) gel first, since the oral medication has some bad side effects. Well, I got re-tested this week, and I still have the bacteria. Now they want me to go on the oral medication. My daughter took that once, and said never again. She was horribly sick from the side effects. I did some research and found many people experience some major side effects from the oral medication. If this bacteria doesn't clear up, I won't have a choice but to go on the oral ones, and I am scared to death! I already have many medical issues, and am on steroids. I don't want to end up in the hospital from taking that medication. If anyone here has taken Flagyl oral, can you please let me know what side effects, if any, you experienced?

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It usually causes extreme nausea or diarrhea but you need to take it with food and also eat yogurt to help. You want to take it so you don’t let the infection spread into your blood stream. Remind yourself it’s temporary.

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Thank you. I'm still hoping this second round of the Gel works. 😊

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