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Prolapse at 22?

Just looking for some information regarding prolapse at 22, I’ve had 2 children both natural births and im currently waiting on my gynae referral. Just looking for someone who’s been through similar and can give some information on what to expect. I suffer from depression and anxiety so can’t stop worrying.

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Hello DMcG18

I have never experienced prolapse so I can't share with you, but I want to encourage you not to be depressed. I am sure the specialist will know what to do to handle the situation.

I had my children via C section, and that too has its disadvantages. Just keep strong and look forward to your healing.



I just worry a lot about the unknown so the fact I don’t know much about this has me in a bit of a mess🙈 I’m sure after talking to the specialist I’ll feel a lot better.

As much as I think both my births have played havoc on my body I really do hold my hands up to c-section mummies. I was back to normal and running around basically an hour after giving birth. I couldn’t imagine the pain and healing time of a c-section

Thankyou for your reply x


Pilates lessons with an instructor who specialises in prolapse can work wonders but it depends how bad your prolapse is and whether exercise can cure it or you need surgery.


I actually don’t know much about how bad it is, was told about it after a routine appointment with the doctor so I don’t think it’s too bad. I’ve had a few symptoms but had just put them down to having two babies in a short space of time. Thanks for your reply, I’ll have a look into Pilates.


The specialist will do an examination which is much less invasive than a smear test or various others you might get when pregnant. They will probably ask you to cough during the exam to show which areas are weak. Best case scenario a bit of physiotherapy an app called Squeezy by nhs is worth the couple of £ to help with remembering to do the exercises.

I had a little bit at the front and a big one at the back which had to be repaired. I could feel a very light but constant pressure/feeling where the prolapse was pulling down. It was a 30min operation they cut out the over stretched/loose section then stitch it back together. Was in hospital for a bit over 24 hours. The big thing for me was the no heavy lifting for 12 weeks which includes baby.. I asked the Health visitor to find out what help was available for when I was recovering short answer is very little. There is a great charity called homestart who can help you with your kids while you are recovering a bit like a mate doing it but it’s fab. If you have a partner, friends and family you’d need a bit of help from them for a few weeks at least.

I was worried that it I wouldn’t have any feeling it’s the opposite in a positive way thank goodness!

The stitches take months to go and everything feels a little out of place but is fine.

I still have a small prolapse at the front but see the physio about that which has improved lots.

I am also overweight which has a big impact on my pelvic floor so am working on loosing weight.

I’m really pleased I got it done to be honest it feels much better than it did.

Ask the doctor before Pilates. You/they don’t know the extent of it yet so you don’t want extra pressure to be put on your pelvic floor. Basic pelvic floor exercises like they give you when preggers or just after will help for now.

Try not to worry I reckon so many women have prolapse and don’t notice or do anything about it. The sooner you know the sooner any further problems can be prevented etc.

Hope you feel better soon x


Reading your reply has helped calm me a bit, I was expecting it to be so embarrassing. I think it’s the fact that it’s not really talked about so I had no clue as to what was happening when the doctor mentioned.

The doctor mentioned a uterine prolapse, he doesn’t think it’s going to cause to much bother at the moment as it’s small but he’s worried that with being so young future pregnancies may affect it.

Thanks for your reply though, I’ve to see the specialist on Friday so hopefully I get more answers then. I’ve been doing physio for my back so mentioned about the prolapse and she’s given me some exercises to try at home until I’ve seen the specialist etc.

I understand what you mean about the pressure, I’ve had this feeling since having my 2nd baby 8 months ago and it can be quite uncomfortable at times. I just feel constantly pregnant as I’m always uncomfortable and needing to pee🙈 I know it’s quite common but it’s embarrassing feeling like I’m constantly going to Wee myself at such a young ago. It’s affected my social life as well as any intimacy between me and my partner


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Try to find pelvic exercise session, I’m nearly 50and I started it 1 month ago. I had prolapse after my first baby. exercise helps a lot, you are young it would be easier for you. Don’t panic be positive!

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Thankyou, I’ve asked my physio for some exercises and she’s given me some I can do at home so hopefully it helps. Thanks for your reply x


Thought it might help I was pretty terrified before I saw the specialist. I also found it frustrating how little info was about. I put a post on a baby forum expecting a response and there wasn’t even 1.

Once it’s under control you’ll find a massive difference.

I found I lost a lot of confidence after having each baby and having a prolapse didn’t help. I’m feeling really happy and confident now it’s nearly all sorted.

I’m sure all will go well on Friday. From what I have over heard I reckon at least 50% of the Mums at school pick up have or have had a prolapse of some kind but haven’t bothered to see anyone about it. You’re ahead of the game and are being proactive too. X


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