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Fibroid hell!

So I was recently diagnosed with a fairly sized fibroid. A little background..

I had been suffering from bloody discharge, pain with intercourse, intermittent bleeding, back pain, barely there periods.. the list goes on really. I was sent for a pevic scan and they picked up a fibroid. I’m becoming increasingly concerned that this isn’t the only problem as I’ve never heard of fibroids causing bloody discharge but as I’m only 23 no one will give me a smear test! I’m looking for comfort here more than anything. I just don’t know how to go about this.

Has anyone experienced the same symptoms down to a fibroid?

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It's not uncommon, though the type, size, & location cause different issues for different people. One of my friends & a friend's daughter both bled constantly for years, & had a Mirena coil fitted to prevent this. though I know it took a while for the side effects to settle down with regard to my friend. If it's causing you so many problems, have you been referred to a hospital for treatment or offered medication nhs.uk/conditions/fibroids/...


I’ve been offered nothing 😞

They’d like to use a ‘watch and wait’ approach. I don’t know why but up until then o didn’t even know what fibroids were so I didn’t argue it. I’ll read the link though, thank you

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Hassle your GP as I don't think it's an issue that will resolve itself, & make sure you know what all your options are so you're not fobbed off.


I really though fibroids caused heavy bleeding. I think you need to convince your doctor that you need a smear test.


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