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I started my illness in May with a dry unproductive cough which continued throughout the summer , I went to the Drs on numerous occasions until in sept when I got very croaky and was coughing up green rubbish - dr sent me away (it’s viral 🙄) I went on holiday , revisited the dr - antibiotics for 3 wks - I felt better for a few days then wham ! My voice went and I was coughing again . My voice is still croaky and I had a month off work .

I have been referred to the ENT and CHEST specialist.

I went back to work for 2wks then felt worse again - X-ray revealed pneumonia. I have had 1 round of augmentin and am now on the 2 lot but stronger , I feel very weak and shaky one day - ok ish the next - I feel I am welded to the settee - my husband wants to take me to A and E , I don’t feel any better but no worse but am worried 😟

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That is a long time for a bad chest to hang around. Hope you went to get seen yesterday. If your lungs aren't greet I can imagine how exhausting it will be trying to cope with a lot less oxygen available


I was seen after 6 hrs but apparently I still have crackles on my right lung and still coughing .

No antibiotics now - finished 5 days ago - still not feeling great , very tired , now got pain like a pulled muscle under shoulder blade - woke up with it this morning- got an ENT appt tomorrow but still waiting for chest appt .

Feel very fed up 😕

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Hi Lesley.

I've only just seen your post. How are you now.

I'm not surprised your husband wanted you to go to A&E.

Are you better yet?

I have checked on here every day - yet only now has your post come up ?? Strange.


I did get seen after 6 hrs - nurse practitioner said I had no more crackles in my lung but went to see my own Dr 3 days later - I finished my antibiotics but don’t feel better - more the same , I have an ENT appt on 8 th jan .

No appt as yet with chest specialist.

Now have pain in back under shoulder blade - feels like pulled muscle - just woke up with it this morning . 🙁

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