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I’m 18 years old and recently been through a lot of horrible stuff,I had an abortion due to being homeless and then my boyfriend cheated on me twice,my mother in law passed away and now my mum and dad are moving away. I constantly feel like I’m dying or going to drop dead. I work but this week is my last week and I can’t cope anymore,I can’t be around people,I have told my doctor and he just laughed at me and give me anti depressants but even they don’t help! I feel so low and scared and I have no one.

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Hi Courtney.

Sorry, but I've only just read your post. How are you feeling now?

I am so sorry to hear of your recent losses, first your baby and now your Mother in law. You've hardly had any time to grieve and now your parents drop this bombshell - that they are moving away. Did they ask how you felt about it - before making such a big decision?

I think you really need time to grieve your losses.

That doctor who laughed should be ashamed of himself. Definitely shouldn't call himself a doctor. Should be struck off - and take his antidepressants with him.

I understand what you mean about not wanting to be around people. We can be so insensitive sometimes.

Not having your own home, private place to just 'be', is just not helpful at all. Makes everything worse, but it's unbearably bad anyway.

Will you have somewhere safe and comfortable to stay tonight?

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Hello I have replied to your comment above x

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Hello Mary.

I don’t feel any better,my anxiety is through the roof and I have no one to talk to it’s driving me insane, my anxiety makes me in so much pain that I get worried I’m just going to die,I tell myself I’m being silly and then I think on it more and more:(

I really wish things were different I feel so much guilt by taking away such a beautiful life but I just couldn’t bring my baby into this world to nothing that’s not fair and they didn’t give me a choice,there gone and there’s nothing I say or do that will make them come back now.

I’ve recently been to the doctors office about 30 times in 6 months from random bleeding passing out,bleeding out of mouth,chest pain and not being able to breath and also headaches that never seem to go away. It just scares me so much! And now when I ring up to make an appointment he says just take your anti depressants.

I’m still staying at the boyfriends house who cheated on me because I have no where else to go or turn and he just uses it against me that I’m homeless and that everyone has left! I’ve tried getting all kinds of help and no one is helping me I feel like just giving up because no one takes me seriously

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Well, I'm listening now.

What would you say is the eorse symptom at the moment? Had the bleeding stopped for now.


Hi Courtney

Just read your message. Hope you get a good night's sleep (and me too! )

It's lovely to have a new friend.

Goodnight and God Bless xx




Are you OK? I did reply to your pm.


Hello dear, How are you. Don't think that please. I am so sorry about your condition. I think he don't deserve a women like you. don't worry we all are with you. Just share with us your problem and we help you in any way we could. Don't take anti pills. Just try to be calm. Love those who love you. Forget those who forgets you. Just be happy.


Courtney it's not a big deal. I'm glad that you didn't suffer any physical complications of your abortion, and that you aren't suffering from the depression too much that some of my friends who are also post-abortive have experienced. Except the reality now and move on.


I started having really bad pain in my freshmen year of high school I was in an out of hospitals and clinics. The hospital I go to didn't do anything but prescribed painkillers. I was suffering every month for the past 6 years I didn't know what was wrong with me and why I was in really bad pain when I got my period. Until the last year 2016, I had a giant cyst the size of tennis ball it was getting ready to pop and I had to go to surgery that exact same day. Thanks to the clinic I was going to I have stage 4 endometriosis and it sucks it's not curable at all and I'm stuck with that for the rest of my life.... I hope one day I can at least have one baby btw I'm 21 years old I been through so much this past year.


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