Would you?

Would you ever get a feeling as if you've a knot tied in your throats before your period?i do have anxiety and depression and gerd, but if anyone else experiences the lump in the throat I'd feel more secure and not feel like I'm the only one because I know I'm not, it's just such a hard subject for me to talk about, but tell me how you's would feel to I'd like to be there for those also🖖❤️

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I have anxiety and believe me it makes me feel 10 times worse when I am on my period.

I have a lump in my throat everyday anyway

I hate it, why does it happen :(

Yea lump in throat is anxiety i always get it and its awfuk

How does this go :(

I don't know mine just goes away on its own but it always makes a show at least once a day! Try drinking cold water x

Just hard some times but have to get up and on with it :( x

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