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Brown discharge every week before period!

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help. I'm going to book a Dr appointment but until then just looking for some advice.

for the last 5 months or so, about a week before my period is due to start i've been having slightly tinged brown discharge. This is unusual for me as i never usually spot between periods. I have no pain during sex or any other symptoms. I'm on the birth control pill.

(Not sure if it is related but the spotting before my period started roughly after i had taken azithromycin antibiotics (treatment for suspected chlamydia but test results showed i was clear). cant see how this would have affected it though).

Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar or has any advice. Many thanks :)

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Hi Some years ago I had similar issues with a mucky brown loss after the birth of my 3rd child. id had some issues after he was born and had to be re-admitted, to have a d&c, however this continued for some 2 years then after having a smear test come back borderline I had some pills from my Gynaecologist to help but it made no difference there was also a lot of Pain accompanied the mucky loss. Sorry your also going through a similar experience, unfortunately my situation eventually ended in having to have a womb & cervix hysterectomy, The consultant left my ovaries due to being only 25yrs old. I hope the doctor sorts it out for you without 12 months of being messed about with different tests.




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