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Back and rib pain

Hello, I am 24 years old female, for 4 months I have been having right upper back pain hurts more when I move neck or look up or down.Also my right rib feels like something stuck and have discomfort especially when y twist my torso and waking up every morning. My upper back feels like burning sensation and now is running to my right arm please help anyone else have this issues??

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I think Dr's is in order to check it out

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the bloating has made me wear pants that are hipsters, let my tummy hang out above, and then a loose shirt with a jacket. also: can tie a sweater around your waist. i have a pair of loose legged pants that have an elastic waist, but are still dressy. but goodbye to my tight black trousers!!! I tried zipping them and broke the zipper!!! hope the bloating goes down a little before the bump happens-- the gas (sorry if tmi) is killing me!


C-Ross - Oh my gosh, your babies are here! Congratulations!! What a surprise though! I bet that was scary and stressful on all of you. But how wonderful that they are doing well. I can't even fathom babies that tiny. I hope they continue to do well and grow so you can take them home before long. We have some incredible NICU facilities so I'm sure they will take amazing care of your babies Please keep us posted!


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