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IUS Questions?

Hi all,

So I had my pill changed last month, and so far everything is going great. But the nurse at the Family Planning clinic said that if my next period is as bad as all of my other ones that we can look at other options, because I'm at my whits end with the pain and discomfort. I've been reading up on a few things that aren't pill based and I was thinking that maybe an IUS would be a good option for me. Does anyone here have and IUS or experience of having an IUS, as I want to hear how it went with other people before i commit to it or even discuss it with the nurse

Thanks in Advance :)

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Hello. I've tried the mirena. I didn't get on with it unfortunately.

Have you had children? As I think they have 2 sizes now of the hormone IUS, one slightly smaller for women who haven't had children vaginally. It can be a little uncomfortable if you haven't had children from what I've read.

Best wishes 💗


Here in the uk we have mirena and Jaydess. The Jaydess is the smaller one, it lasts 3 years instead of five for mirena.


Thanks for the reply. It was either the Mirena or jaydess one I would be getting yes. Which ever would be best for my body, as I don't really mind going back to get it changed in years time when needed if it would work for me that is. No, I haven't had children yet, but I think I would in future. Yes I've heard that getting one put in is a little uncomfortable, but if it lessens my period pains then it'll be totally worth that little bit of pain


They are a treatment for heavy painful periods the IUS; maybe the Jaydess would be better suited as you've not had babies yet. I think it's 3 years.

I had an IUD and mirena and it was ok to have inserted but I'd had children.

My advice is take ibuprofen an hour before if you can, make sure you eat a light meal with it, possibly nurofen plus as that has codeine and ibuprofen together. I think I used that last time when I tried the Copper IUD. Take someone with you, you may not feel up to driving or going back to work, it can make you feel a bit yucky after. I felt a little queezy so I hung around for 20 mins or so til I felt clear headed to leave. Best wishes, hope it works 💗


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