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Menopause and lack of sleep

It's 6:00am I've been awake since 2:30am. I've had a cup of tea, tossed and turned, but just can't sleepmust not every night but it's more often. Is this to do with menopause?

I have no trouble getting to sleep but staying there is a different matter.

As somebody who's always slept well I'm frustrated... Though I'm lucky to as I don't work I can have a nap later if I need to!

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HI, I am awake and showering at 2.00am due to the night sweats. I have just started taking calms to try and help with the lack of sleep. It may well be to do with the menopause, but would have thought other symptoms would be noticeable too.


Possibly; i wake up at weird times in the night; tho often its cos i need to go to the loo!


I have had terrible disrupted sleep since menopause. never had sleep problems before in my life and I agree its so frustrating. I don't work either but still am active ,get tired but get in bed and cannot sleep. Only the odd night here and there but not often. I feel you hun its horrible,your not alone!!.

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I'm exactly the same. I'm hot then cold , tossing and turning and very much intermittent sleep. Fall asleep really quickly cos I'm so tired but then couple hours later I'm awake. I have always slept really well. I work full time and am struggling with feeling so tired all day. I swore I wouldn't take hrt but don't know how much longer I can function properly on so little sleep.

Any tips or advice on hrt gratefully received!


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