Sorry for absence

I'm so sorry I post on here then I think because of waiting for my procedure I get too scared to go on here at times. Have to have my procedure on 30th Dec. I'm going to get it over with. Its a 10 min thing. Resection of polyp with Hysteroscope then test sample of tissue to make sure nothing nasty is there. I do appreciate advice on here although I disappear for a while. I'm getting head in the right place to have my procedure and can have it done at my local hospital instead of going miles to the next hospital we have in Kent. I'm glad about that anyway.

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  • I had a polyp removed some years ago, it was done in outpatients under local anaesthetic, didnt take long, only slightly uncomfortable bit was when the doc pumped some fluid in.

    Good luck, hope it goes well ☺

  • Bantam,,thank you. As I get severe anxiety she thought it best to keep me still that I have a general. They have to have a good look as my womb is 17mm thickened too. Thanks for your well wishes.

  • Well done on coping so well, take care and good luck.

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