Hi ladies, day before last I had awful pain when urinating and the constant need to go, so yesterday I took a urine sample to my drs, who found alsorts in my wee, and prescribed me a course of antibiotics (2 tabs a day for 3 days) this morning I felt way better, but this evening it's really hurting to wee again and I have awful menstruation type cramps... Is this normal? Should I contact drs again tomorrow or wait it out until finished antibiotics?

Thanks all

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Hey lovely. I suffer really bad with kidney infections with usually have a lot of stuff of cystitis which I also do I get! You need to finish the course of the antibiotics hun but if it still occurs afterwards, you need to go back to the doctors. Avoid chocolate and rhubabrb and citrus stuff and drink plenty of water xx

Thanks lovely, just found the cramping a bit worrying as this is first time I've felt it since had the infection, and this morning I felt almost fine then bam, worse than ever :( I'll hold out until I finished tablets and see how I am then :)

Yeah it happens haha. I used to be like that. Fine in the morning and then it just hits you!

Thanks lovely, atleast I know it's normal, they told me all this over the phone and they really worried me tbh listing all sorts they found in my wee and if I get worse or don't get any better to phone them or out of hours asap so I'm being paranoid haha thank you for putting my mind at ease :)

Well that advice sounds to me like you're worse so I'd call back?

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