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Please Help Me!

Hi everyone,

I am seeking some answers as to why I can't seem to lose any weight. I am a female 33 years of age. I go to the gym everyday for about 2 hours. I have tried every diet you can think of, I have had blood work done, and I have had every kind of test to check my thyroid, hormones, and everything else that could cause me to not lose weight. Everything comes back normal. I have had doctors tell me to eat 1000 calories for a whole month. I did what they asked me to do and still nothing. In fact instead of losing weight I will somehow gain 2-3 lbs. I have also tried medical weight loss and nothing. I have been tested for everything there is.

No matter what I do or what kind of doctor I see, I can't seem to lose weight! I am hoping that there is someone on here that has dealt with these same struggles and issues that I am dealing with. Please help me. I want to lose weight but can't! There has to be something that will work!

Anything that you feel will help, I am willing to try (if I haven't already done). Please if you can think of anything then share it will me.

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Why do you want to loose weight? It's really hard to know what's going on at a distance but perhaps your body is holding onto the weight because you're trying to lose it so hard. 1000 calories a day is quite harsh, did you use a calorie counter? Also do you have a trainer or programme in the gym,are you increasing your fitness or just passing the time. If you are fit enough to work out every day then why do you want to lose weight?

Of course there is also the possibility that you are suffering from water retention, some people on here have made suggestions for that. I use probiotics and yoghurt etc to help digestion. You can keep experimenting , cut out gluten for example or sugar or just give it a rest and listen to your body for a while.


There is a good discussion on this post which might help you. Although it mentions menopause it's not the main issue. healthunlocked.com/womenshe...

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That was a good discussion that's Smackee recommended. I'm in Menopause and I've had real bad weight problems too. Made worse by the fact I was prescribed Mirtazapine so I'm wondering whether or not you are on any meds that you're not aware of might cause weight gain? it's making a big difference to me I can feel it being changed to amitriptyline. However I don't think there's any more I can add as the other discussion was very good actually. Other than that I was going to say that in the media etc there's lots of hype about diet and exercise which is important but metabolism is a complicated thing which also begins at brain level and sometimes it's understanding what the body is telling us. Let us know how you get on anyway. PS - I also heard someone say the body needs less food intake at Menopause which I think is correct but nobody tells you. I started meno at 31 but everyone is different x

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Just re read your post, two hours in gym every day is a lot! Maybe try some short high intensity exercise for a change,, Google HIITfor details. Or get out of of gym and go for walks occasionally. Give your self a break, you sound like a really great person who doesn't deserve to be pushed so hard.


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