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Headaches, hormones and disease

Is my headache hormone related?

It feels like one of my endo headaches today, neck, shoulder and base quarter on my skull round into my jaw and temple.

It started yesterday, I woke up with it but it was a cluster style around my eye, took 2 paracetamol and it made me violently ill within 20 mins, it was the tablets not the headache. After the first time I was sick the next 4/5 times were smell related, food cooking. Today I've not been sick and I didn't have a headache either til a few mins ago. 

I've only finished my period on 26th, but I have Endometriosis and my periods are erratic, on average 25 day cycle, I felt ovulation on 17th (I know that's very late but its not unusual) I had a bad flare up for a full week before my period, this is unusual I have never been as bad I was this time.

My sister in-laws both think I'm pregnant, they said oh its how we all are, they (women on his side married in or blood) all get early morning sickness with food odours.

I did taste the milk in my tea and that made me sick too, just like last time...I've had multiple miscarriages and I am struggling with the thought of pregnancy, this disease has taken over my entire life, my entire body, I'm due to have major surgery later this year I need full excision and bowel reconstruction, I'll probably lose my ovary too its bound to a nodule that's bound to my rectum.

Any advice will be very welcome xx

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It is a possibility, I bled all the way through with both pregnancies.  I would suggest you book a drs appointment and do a pregnancy test whilst you're waiting.  The digital ones are best IMO xx


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