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spotting instead of period 2 months in a row ?

so last month in December , instead of having a period , i only had brown discharge . it wasn't a lot though . i had period symptoms all through the month , but no period . only spotting . this month , is also the same way . ive had symptoms but no period . only brown discharge . i thought the reason i missed it last month was bc i was under a lot of stress . this month , ive tried to keep the stress at a minimum . but im been working out this month , about everyday , and i heard excessive exercise can delay your period . but i haven't been doing any hardcore workouts . also , just so you know , i haven't had sex & im 14. so can someone pls help me calm my nerves about my period not coming ?

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Hi Elise, how long have you had your period now? As you are 14, have you recently started your period or have you been having them for a good while? If your periods are new to you, they can be very varied and irregular. You say you have not had sex, have you had any sexual relations that were not intercourse that could perhaps have made you pregnant - sorry to scare you!! Take a pregnancy test to ease your mind.

Good luck and best wishes


I've had my period for about 3 or 4 years now . and no i haven't had any sexual relations lol . i haven't hung out w/ any males

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Hi again, I am not an expert on this subject, so please do some other good research - good medical websites, GP/physician websites, etc.. Are you eating enough? I know if you get light in weight your periods can stop? Are you on any medications? Do you have any other symptoms? Are you able to visit a GP/doctor/women's clinic ? Have you had any recent stressors? Hopefully it is just a blip and next month you will be back to normal :-)

Best wishes


You are 14 years old. Where is your Mum/Parent? You need to talk to her about this. You cannot be expected to sort this out by yourself.


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