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has anyone had one? I went to doctor with pain in my side which I thought was my problematic adhesions, she set me to the hospital, turned out they thought it was a small hernia????? anyway went home, morning after I had a vaginal bleed, stopped periods 3 years ago but been on hrt for a year (night sweats and tears unbearable), previous gyny stuff involved shrinking fibroids and a little edrometiatits ( cannot spell).

Anyway gp sent me back to the doctor at the hospital who promptly sent me to the gyne ward to be checked out, examined swabbed, booked in for trans vaginal scan......ok so whats wrong with me, while waiting for scan just a week another appointment for hysterscope..... no answers no discussions for goodness sake what are they looking for. I am out of my mind!!!!!

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I feel for you. I worry about health issues all the time. I think age is to do with it. I am sure it's nothing to worry about and they are just checking. Hope you get on ok.


It may be helpful if you Google a condition called "endometrial hyperplasia" I had post menopausal bleeding a few years ago, while taking HRT, and was diagnosed with this. You would be treated as an urgent case as this can be the first symptom of uterine cancer, the trans vaginal scan can be very uncomfortable as it involves scanning your uterus externally and internally, but the practitioner who did mine was very careful and considerate. The hysteroscopy is to take a closer look at the surface of your uterous and take samples of the lining of the uterus from different areas to check for pre-cancerous cells, again this is uncomfortable rather than painful. In my case there was no pre-cancer, so I was given a D & C to remove the lining of the uterus, but told to avoid HRT and any medications containing oestrogen as this is the main cause of endometrial hyperplasia. Hope all goes OK for you.


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