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Hi! I'm currently having several health issues with my thyroi. The levels have been way off when a P.A. Diagnosed 1st a 'too high' thyroid, then 2 months later a 'too low' thyroid She inadvertently threw me into HYPOTHROIDISM. I'm seeing a new Endochronologist now and he is excellent. Professional, intelligent & compassionate. He knows his stuff. We had a 2-hr meeting on our 1st meeting he listened to every word and question I had. We're working now to get my Throid straightened out.... The last 8 months of being hypothyroid were the most depressing in my life.

I'm also Bipolar. Have been all my life have been on Meds forever and continent to monitor and self- educate and keep in close touch with my counselor & psychiatrist.

I also have HCV! I squired Hep C in 1987, before they screened for much less knew about Hep C. At childbirth, I hemorrhaged and needed 18 hrs of blood transfusion. 21 yrs later, I was diagnosed with HCV. That was in 2009. In 1992, they began screening blood for Hep C. Until then, they thought the worst was Hep B. A little too late for me!

There's lots mor to tell you about should you actually be interested at all in my crazy life, but I have to stop writing for now ....

I have a Dr appointment!!!!

Hope to get to know some refreshingly new friends here. Life is lonely when you are loaded down with disease & live a pretty meager existence!

Later, good peopl!

Plz. Forgive typos, I'm rushing on an iPhone!!


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Just saw your post, I think we might both live within a few hours of each other. How are you doing? I know what it is like - I have Hashimoto's. How is your new endocrinologist? If you like him, would you tell me where he is located? Hope to hear from you, and hope you are doing better.

Ms. Klagh

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Just now saw your post. I'm feeling a lot better with a correct dose of Synthroid now...NOT Levothroxine. Tho' the Levo is a generic of Syn, there IS. significant difference. At least enough so that my Endochronologist insists the pharmacy only gives me the Synthroid. I have no complaints. He also put me on Estrogen & Premarin.....he said because I've been post menopausal since 2002 and bipolar 1 (all my life), and the depression was literally getting out of hand. Then he had me get a bone-density scan done, and it only, luckily, turned out that I'm osteophrenic.....don't have osteoporosis - yet.

He was very thorough, and I'm pleased with him. I'd like to send you his name & #.....but am not sure they'll 'let' me do that on here. Maybe they'll let me give you my email, and you can write to me & we can share more...especially with our proximity.

So, here goes a try...( if it doesn't work, I'll have to figure out how to PM you....Plz let me know...)



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