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I'm New... Just want to know I'm not alone...

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2018 Dec - Took a life threatening haemorrhage from the abdomen as I lost all my blood in the process, yet I'm still weak in my arms and legs, strength wise. Whenever I see a doctor I'm always asking them "should I still be this weak?" and they say "Yes." They don't even look surprised I'm still weak as they explain that my body has been through a huge ordeal as I was close to death as 2 teams saved my life.

Has anyone experienced this, because it would be nice to speak to someone who has been through it. As it would assure me that I will get my strength back in time.

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😕 I’ve never experienced this myself, but I realise it must leave you feeling exhausted. Have you had to have iron intravenously 🤔 Type ‘blood’ in the searchbox (above left), to see links to other post that may be helpful.

‘Because iron, which is required to produce red blood cells, is lost as a result of bleeding, most people who have anemia due to bleeding need to take iron supplements, usually tablets, for several months. Sometimes they are given iron intravenously’.

I was given iron pills long after I came out of the hospital as I didn't know how severely anaemic I was till my own doctor wanted an iron blood test. So I was put on to iron pills for months until one doctor told me to come off them which I did. I can't help but wonder at times if I should ask my doctor if I should go back on it.

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to Lotus-Blossom

🤔If you haven’t been seen for a while by your Specialist or GP, it seems reasonable to ask for an appointment, discussion and possibly blood tests would give you peace of mind.

Thanks I will definitely get onto it for peace of mind. Thanks.

I don't have personal experience of this but it sounds pretty traumatic on your body. I can understand you would be frustrated to still feel weak so long after.

The thing that comes to my mind is nutrient deficiencies. I've had high iron in the past, and have donated blood in an attempt to bring my levels down again. My ferritin levels dropped by 1/3 after giving just 1pt.

I imagine medications you had to take after will have also reduced your ability to absorb nutrients from your food too.

I'm obviously not an expert here, but I would want to investigate what deficiencies can cause weakness, TEST to check your own levels, and supplement if you find any of your results are low. Don't supplement without testing.

You can test via the likes of Medichecks, Blue Horizons, Thriva.

Sorry I don't have any other advice, I hope you improve soon!

Thanks. When my doctor contacts me again I will consider bringing it up to her as I have to watch what I take because of my underactive thyroid. Thanks for your kind words.

This could also be relevant - your thyroid could be contributing to weakness.

Are you in England? As your surgery is supposed to make test results available online. Your surgery should test ferritin, B12, vitamin D and folate as standard if you have thyroid issues. If you can get a hold of them, then share your results on the Thyroid UK part of the site and people will be able to suggest how to supplement safely around your thyroid medication :)

I'm in Scotland. You have given me something to talk about with my doctor as I will definitely bring it up with her. Even though she says she's not surprised I'm still this weak. I will still bring it up as it wouldn't hurt to ask her. Thanks.

We don't have the same online access here in Scotland, but you are entitled to copies of your test results under data protection laws, so do ask :) they sometimes say no, but you have a legal right.

Thanks for your reply. I will definitely get on to it.

Hey there. I think it can take some time to recover after a traumatic event. Many years ago, I lost so much blood where my blood pressure dropped to 66/33. I lost consciousness and I almost died from septic shock- pretty much saw nothing but spots before I passed out (also kept vomiting and had severe leg cramps from insufficient blood flow). I think they gave me 4 packs of blood transfusion to get me up and running (not enough to not be anemic though). Very scary and took a lot of time to recover. Please take it nice and slow. Hopefully, you will get your strength back soon. Meantime, take care of yourself!

I will. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

Hi why did you haemorrhage?

I have suspected inflammation and lost a lot of blood just once, been feeling so weak for over 3 months, have colonoscopy booked. Dr just seems to leave me! Maybe ask to be referred to hospital for another opinion. Don’t put up with just being left suffering, good luck x

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