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Ok ladies I really need someone's help. Me and my fiance have been TTC for about a year now. We have been through so many months of hoping and nothing yet. My period is now 11 days late with no signs of it coming . I have been having a lot of gurgly noise in my stomach and another thing in have been pooping so much the past week and a half. And when I mean so much I mean like 6 maybe 7 times a day! And at first it wasn't diaherrah but it a slowly changing to it. And sorry if its TMI lol. I have big breast too and there not in pain which I heard is a big sign but I have been breaking out and I feel so glgungry when I wake up my stomach won't stop making noise till i eat. Last night I had to wake up in the middle of my sleep to pee! Never did that before. Just don't want to get my hopes up again for no reason. Just looking for some advice, oh and I took a test on day 9 and 10 and both were BFN . so help me out ladies please!

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Oh and I forgot to also add that me and my fiance were having sex a couple nights ago and we had to atop because every time he went in me it sent a pain shooting to my lower abdomen. That never happened before either


Make an appointment with your ob/gyn

First symptoms I felt were fuller sore breasts, slightly higher heartrate, and constAnt urge to pee.

Doctors tests are a bit more accurate, so they will confirm it


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