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Weight loss is fun and easy once you start, remember, once You START !

I'll start with sharing my journey of weight loss.

I was 70kgs a year ago, a couch potato who loved reading about the healthy diet and exercise plans but would never work on it (frankly, I had started going to the gym a few times but lacked patience to see the results). Friends, relatives and even the strangers started commenting on my weight, I was 18 years old then. I began working out at home, climbing the stairs for an hour, 100 sit Ups a day, like every other person, I wanted a quick weight loss but once I started enjoying the little exercise, and the pain that I felt after the exercise, I could actually feel that I've started losing weight a week later. Till then I wasn't taking care of my diet, so I started with cutting down the sugar intake and the oily food that I literally lived on till then ( trust me, it was difficult) then within a month, I lost 3-4 kgs. What could stop me now, my friends started noticing that and that motivated me to go ahead accomplish my goal. I then took extra care of what I ate, mostly a healthy breakfast like poha, upma, Daliya, Khichdi, Paranthas etc. (its good to eat something fresh and heavy for the breakfast, that'll give you the required energy for your workout ) and between breakfast and lunch I would eat some freshly cut fruits or vegetables (try not to starve yourself or binge on anything and everything when you're hungry, smart eating is the only way) and 2-3 chapatis, dal, some green veg, curd for the lunch ( I used to walk for 30 minutes after every meal) for the evening snacks, try dry fruits like almonds, cashews, apricots or even sing Dana. A really light dinner, anything healthy that you like, but mind the quantity, I used to eat one small dark chocolate, the trick was to eat it 3 hours before going to bed so that I don't crave for anything after that.

I'm sure almost everyone already knew or have tried it by now, my motive was to tell ya'll that if you start with anything as such, please don't stop, everyone has a different body type, some start losing weight in the first 3 days of exercising and some don't show any progress untill a month or two, give your body some time, space and love, it will love you back.

I'm 19years old, 55kgs, 5.6ft. Gotta lose 5 kgs and I will do that the way my body likes it.

Best of luck to ya'll for your weight loss and remember, the only mantra is, don't lose hope !

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Many thanks for this excellent post. This will be of great interest to many people.


Thanks a lot Ganesh ! :)


Im having a hard time losing wieght .. haist


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