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6ft tall weighing 112 kgs. Want to knock off 30 Kgs in 12 months. Is it a good idea to go whole hog on cardio?

My plan is to do only cardio for a couple of months and then start the weight training. I dont want to end up with a huge beefed up body but would prefer a lean muscular toned body. Does working out with so much of excess weight will end up me being stuck with a beefed up rigid muscular body...Welcome your inputs please...thanks...

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MY advice is as follows: mix cardio with weights and also mix the type of cardio you are doing. the biggest reason for people stopping an exercise regime is bordedom. they become bored with their routine. Hitting the tamac day after day is very boring, a running machine is no better, even with CNN or something. Try the following: 10-15 minutes of cardio, either running, or rowing, or step. Then 10-15 mins of weights. Medium weights, 2-3 circuits. That's it. And do it 2 days on 1 day off. you will look great. you will see the difference after 6 weeks. And you wont become a monster.


Thanks a lot Ganesh...Looks to be an interesting and workable option. Will give it a shot. Thanks once again buddy...Cheers...


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