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Hey...I am 48 yr old , 86 kgs , 5.4 height n last menstruation was two and half years ago. Gained weight so much that none of my blouses or kurthas make me feel comfortable. Upper body including upper arms are the mainproblem area . I was never skinny but was 69 to 75 kgs. I want to lose weight in 4 monthso. .How much time is advisable to aim for 79 kg. I can walk now low diet too. I was on steroids for arthritis some years ago. However my health is not that bad now .Hope I get guidance here.🙏

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you are such a brave girl I think you dont need any guidance rather you could be motivation for many others who find it hard to put maximum efforts to lose weight kudos from a successor by the way. I am almost 38 , 5"4' and weighing around 63,64 which I brought down from 72 which was my maximum still working in it and hope I would be able to maintain it around 58. I urge people to start with the minimum efforts to stay motivated and gradually put more and more as you get comfortable and the most fascinating thing what I want to mention over here is try something organic initially, this will give your efforts a boost as herbal things do very well for weight loss, I can also suggest you start drinking "beyond weight management tea" which I got the remarkable benefits from.you can find it on secretsoftea.com

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