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Please help the 17 year old to lose weight

This is going to be very long...please bear with me.I am 17 years old. I have never ever done any kind of Hardcore exercise(I only do pilates and that too not regularly) and I never bothered to do any cardio. This was because I thought I was always "in shape". Past two months I have been enjoying my summer holidays. Now as the holidays came to an end I realized that I have gained nearly 7 kilos( I cannot even believe when I checked my weight today). Also my eating habits were messed up SO BADLY and as a result now my menstrual cycle is also a mess and when I went to doc,she told me to lose all those 7 kilos and told I was anaemic and MUST IMPROVE THE STAMINA. I am freaked out so badly now. Please tell me how to lose 7 kilos. I don't even know the basic of fitness,so kindly help me.

By the way my height is 172 cms and weight is 72.6 kg. Please exactly tell me what diet and exercise regimen to follow to lose weight and SIMULTANEOUSLY improve my Stamina. Your help will save my Life,so kindly help.

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If you are sincere and serious to loose weight, pleas call +91 779 889 4372 for the guidance.


There is no shortcut or miracle means to weight loss. Weight loss is possible only by following the right path i. e. eating right and being active. It is not necessary to starve or go on a stringent diet to lose weight. Such weight loss is very temporary. Eat the right kinds of food at regular timings in proper quantities. Exercise well and balance your metabolism and hormones, sleep for 8 hrs. a day, be active in the remaining part of the day and develop a positive attitude.


hi, ur body mass index is still in normal range , so, do not panic. eat wisely and start exercising regularly for 30 mins.(walking/jogging/skipping/cycling).reduce high calorie food and take balanced diet. make them ur habit. goodluck!


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