Reduce 30 Kg in a healthy way

Hi, My name is Haji. age is 38 and height is 171cms. My weight is 114Kgs. I have started my daily walking in the morning everyday 45 Minutes, 4.1kms, 5400steps and burn 350calories. Kindly advise me, is this a correct way to reduce my weight gradually and healthy way? and how many months will take to reduce 30Kgs? and advise me any other healthy method to reduce.

Best Regards

Haji Dhastagir.

3 Replies

  • NO!

    You cannot outrun or outwalk away a bad diet.

  • My question is how many months will take to reduce 30KGS if I continue this method or workout

  • You will never achieve you goal this way. You need to address what got you to your present weight. That means diet for weight loss, exercise for health.

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