To long of a weight problem

I am a 33yr old mother. I have had a weight problem my whole life, but the last 10yrs it has gotten worse. I use to be almost 500lbs but in the last 5yrs I lost an amount of 240lbs but since I had my last child I have put almost 60lbs back on which has effected me greatly. My doctors try to help but to me its not the right help or the help that will not be good for me since I have some disabilities that can affect my learning new skills about the healthy part of living also affecting being able to get the exercise I need.

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  • Forget exercise, it just doesn't work.

    Your problem is easily digested, addictive refined carbohydrate.

    If you are really serious, start eating and enjoying natural fats in the place of the carbohydrate. Start here:

    Be sure to look at the success stories.

  • I have tried that many times, but one health issue I have no matter what I eat, good for me or bad it is going to put weight on my body because I have Metabolic syndrome which means my metabolism is very very low. Even if I eat a salad with just tomato and no dressing I can go weigh my self in two hours and I have gained almost a pound or a pound. This is why I feel hopeless. My doctor wants me to get Gastric-Bypass surgery but the insurance I have you have to lose 20% of your weight in 6 months but the doctor I have doesn't understand how hard it is for me because he does not believe Metabolic syndrome does not exist. I told him that and endocrinologist is who diagnosed me and if he does not think it exists then he needs to look it up. All of this frustrates me more than anything. Plus he does not want to acknowledge my mental disabilities which makes going to support groups and overeaters anonymous because of my extensive social anxiety do to I am diagnosed with High Functioning Asperger's syndrome.

  • The hard part is with my other health problems exercise is harder for me than for most, I drink plenty of water and for the tea I can't drink it because I have an allergy to tea leaves. So no matter what I try nothing work but no doctor wants to listen to me.

  • I would try the weight loss teas but I am allergic to tea leaves so that is one thing I can't try. I have tried everything out there known to any human being. After 19 years of trying now its time to talk to medical Bariatric doctors and see what is available for me on that side of things.

  • hey Im Dewang Sukhadare; a personal wellness coach. I can guide you to reach your target in given time. Just send me friend request on Facebook and we'll talk on Facebook or may be means you suggest.

  • Can you help me also?

  • yep.... just text me on Facebook

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