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Need a weight loss buddy who I can connect with and lose weight together. I also have a plan. I stay in Bangalore, anyone interested?

I need to lose weight and also have a plan. I have started on my plan many times but I see that what prevents me from succeeding is that I have low will power and I give up. Hence I am looking for a weight loss buddy who I can connect with, would be great if it is someone in Bangalore so we can even meet, and compare notes and boost each other's morale on our journey towards a health weight.

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hi natasha75 ! i suggest you to take a start by yourself , go to gym or a park .You must find friends with same motive as yours.

I am from delhi and i found many people coming to jogg everyday... these all stuffs keeps me inspire always!!

I hope you also find somebody there!!

best of luck!!


Hi Natasha

Am Suresh from Mumbai and have started workout on regular basis and can understand how a motivation helps u and boost each others performance.

Same as you even i am looking some one who can motivate and insprie me and with

whom i can connect well and discuss.

Can we be workout buddies.



Hey I'm Manisha ..! Even I'm lookin for a weight loss buddy..! I stay in Hyderabad n I'm 17..! I can help u lose weight without exercise..I'm working on da plan..n it works.. I'm sure we ll be able to succeed together..! If u wanna connect with me..u can ping me on Manisha.Veluri7@gmail.com


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