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How to conceive with heavy weight

I m 5 feey weights 100 kgs

I m trying to conceive but not getting success docs said

Its because of overweight.

i hv consulted dietion nd slowly reducing weight too but this is

Not permanent solution

I did body care gyms everything but weight come bk.

Can anyone suggest me how to conceive at this weight nd

Best way to maintain

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I was 5.7 feet n 98kgs and i conceived..my daughter is almost two now ...so dont loose hope...i was also told the same things by doctors n aunties...

i simply followed my diet advised by my gynac n cudnt do much of exercise becz of my busy work n kitchen responsibilities...just ensure u r nt taking any other tension or stress that,may be hindering ur conception a it was in my case...get out of it ...hve faith...all the best:)


Nehaf, Your problem is linked to a condition called Leptin resistance. Pl read about this on the net. As suggested by Vivek above, Herbalife is a safe and effective solution. You will not only lose about 3 to 7 kg per month, the leptin resistance is broken easily allowing you to conceive for sure. (Leptin resistance causes your body to go into starvation mode and infertility is one of the side effects). textech


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