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Balancing the weight v exercise seasaw

AussiebluesRestart October 2020

Well after giving in to a bit of Easter choc yesterday today I went down the gym to balance that seasaw back out! What was fab was as bank holiday there were personal trainers there giving taster sessions and as I was annoyed I got to try boxing! Wow it was hard but fun and something I wouldn't mind trying again. So it's nice to try exercise that you wouldn't normally try as you never know it could be start of something new :-) also now calm and relaxed ( well prob tired actually lol).

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Trying something new gives your brain as well as a your body a workout, so its great that you gave the boxing a go. Does your gym have Zumba classes? if so why not try it. It gets the heart pumping and is really good fun. And being happy and having a laugh also burns calories as well as making us feel positive.

AussiebluesRestart October 2020

Yep just been to body balance followed by Zumba :-) it always makes me laugh as I always twirl the wrong way round but I'm not the only one and it is fun. I find I always feel better after exercise.

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