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End of week 6 - snails pace


Hit the scales but no great change

Only Success - Zumba and yogalates session midweek (one straight after the other)

Failures - Off plan this week, not prepared, too busy and getting over-hungry still No Couch to 5K runs,

Friday 8th Feb 75.3 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 31.3 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 15

Friday 8th Mar 73.5 KG BF 42 percent BMI 30. Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 14th Mar - don't know, no Weigh in

Friday 22nd Mar = 73.4 BF 43.6 BMI 30.2 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Stats look worse this week, re-read weeks 1 to 6 and the reason is I am not doing the required amount of exercise by a long chalk. After Easter will concentrate on rectifying this.

Best of luck to everyone,Happy Easter, resist, resist, andKeep on Keeping On!!

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