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Returning again

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sandrabuxtonRestart Jan 2023
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Good morning everyone. Returning again . I have a wonderful holiday to Australia and New Zealand coming up later in the year and want to look and feel my best for the trip and be fit enough to enjoy the all the sightseeing without being out of breath or uncomfortable. I need to lose at least 3 stone possibly more. From past experience I know how welcoming and encouraging you can all be so here goes first day of my dieting journey.

7 Replies
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Welcome back and it's lovely to see you here :)

Australia and New Zealand sound wonderful! And it would be a huge bonus to feel fitter and more comfortable. It doesn't have to be a specific number achieved, though. Wishing you good luck!

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sandrabuxtonRestart Jan 2023 in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Thank you so much will be sure to follow your advice

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to sandrabuxton

It's always nice to keep in touch with a bunch of people who are trying to solve the same problem as yours, or at least a similar one. We find that active participation makes a huge difference :)

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Lytham3 stone

Hello and welcome back, you have a great incentive there and our Easter challenge has just started, here's the link, hope to see you there! X

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Hi, Good luck on your weight loss journey. I too have 3 stone to loose. I also have a big holiday planned, I am 70 this year and we are celebrating by doing a Trans Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2. I want to feel good when I dress up for the formal nights. The people on this forum are giving me so much encouragement I know I can do this and so can you.

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sandrabuxtonRestart Jan 2023 in reply to Momo53

Oh thank you that's so kind. Where will your ship be visiting ?

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Momo537lbs in reply to sandrabuxton

New York. My grandma did this on the original Queen Mary in 1951 loved hearing her stories about it so it has always been my dream to do it. Australia and New Zealand sounds wonderful.

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