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Goal weight!

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OceanaSkylla2023 January
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Monday, January 2nd was my weigh-in. I reached my goal weight! I now weight 124.2 pounds! I have lost a total of 41 pounds!

5 Replies
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Congratulations, OceanaSkylla :)

Will you be joining our Maintainers' Club? You'll find the link in Pinned Posts, along with everything else this forum has to offer healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year :)

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Hip2Restart Dec 2022

That's great news and congratulations, hope I can manage to lose some weight even if it is just a little that will do.

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Cruiselover11 stone

Oh well done you, that's fantastic. Do you mind me asking what plan you followed and how long it took you?

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purplemisty4 stone

Well done, that's great!

ScottishKaty profile image

great result, congratulations

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