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Want to lose 3kg

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI
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Want to lose 3kg

7 Replies
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Your health looks very complicated Bluelady-sing . What are you thinking of trying?

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Hi Bluelady-sing I hope you had a great time over Christmas and new year festivities. Your post just has a few words in it, but it's a good start! 🙂

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI in reply to Happyman5

Happy new year

Yes but that is where my mindset is that I want to lose 3 kilos

I had lost weight when I went to hospital in may and I was down to 64 kg and I got used to being at that size I weighed myself recently I was 67 kg and 5ft 77

I still think that I'm overweight

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Happyman5Visitor in reply to Bluelady-sing

At 5' 7" your definitely not over weight at 67 kilos, you would be at a healthy weight on both 64 and 67 kilos. Am also at a healthy weight, but still feel I want to lose another 3 kilos that would still be a healthy weight for me, at soon to be 73 years old.

Have you thought of joining the daily diary and the weigh in threads on this forum? It's generally how this forum works for getting help in achieving your goal.

You'll find them both on the pinned posts.

Good luck 🙂

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Poppy_Ann2022 March

You say youwant to lose 3Kg why that number? I need to lose 37 Kg that is to get my bmi down to the middle of a normal bmi at just under 23 so if you find an easy way to lose weight I do not eat excessively when I get up I have a cup of tea with a few (4 to 6) rich tea biscuits and that is it until sometime from mid day to early evening when if I rember I will have something from a frozen meal to a sandwich and that is it until I go to bed between 19.00 hrs and 21.00 hrs the only other thing I have is either water or very week lemon or lime squash once in bed I have sherbet lemon sweets to stop my mouth from drying out due to all of the meds I take most are pain killers to help with my broken back, I admit I get very little exercise as movement causes extra pain along with most of my meds say weight gain can be a side effect.

So if you find a way to lose weight let me know as I need to at least stop gaining more I do have odd days when I think sad it all and eat anything i feel like but they are not that often.

Regards Poppy Ann

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Happyman5Visitor in reply to Poppy_Ann

It doesn't seem your eating very much, and it doesn't sound very nutritious. Am sorry your in so much pain, some of us have serious problems with pain so can fully understand the problems you have with it. Your really don't need to exercise to lose weight, but exercise does help in burning of calories. My only advice at the moment is that you can perhaps put on your own post on this forum so that you will get noticed, put in as much about yourself as can.. your disability, what your eating, and medications.

I know that weight gain is not always due to over eating, and there's a whole range of things that can contribute towards it.

Best wishes to you and hopefully a better new year..

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Walking in the park helps, if they're not very mobile it is harder to lose weight not impossible but harder

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