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The DrinkLess Club - SuperDry September

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Hi everyone, and a very happy September to you. It's the start of the year if you are in/work in education, and it's the beginning of Autumn - so a great month for a new start!

If you've just come across this thread, it's for anyone who wants to cut down on their alcohol consumption, or to give up altogether. So you might be planning a completely Dry September...or just a less Wet one! A very warm welcome to you either way.

If you're not going completely drink-free for September, we in the DrinkLess club would advise you to give yourself a concrete goal for how much you're doing to drink each week this month, or how many dry days per week you're going to have - anything concrete that you can commit to. That's my only real advice for giving up anything (apart from coming in here and getting support, of course!).But all you need to do to join the DrinkLess club is to post your goals for cutting down on drinking here, and pop in from time to time over the month to cheer people on (the more responses to other people's posts the better) and let us know how you're doing.

If you've not been on this thread before, or really thought about cutting down on alcohol - why cut down on alcohol and why discuss it on a weight loss site?

1. It's empty calories - drinkers often consume far more calories than they think they do in their drinks.

2. It's sugary calories - the sugar in alcoholic drinks, just like any sugary thing, leads to a sugar spike then a sugar slump, leaving you wanting more sugar!

3. It drains your willpower - if you've had a drink you're much more likely to say 'oh to hell with it!' when it comes to overeating.

4. It lowers your mood the next day.

5. It interferes with your sleep, and if you haven't slept well you're more likely to eat more and be less motivated to exercise

6. All the other health reasons for cutting down on alcohol of course! Healthier liver, better skin, more energy...

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol dependency, the NHS site is a useful starting point for getting help - go to then put Alcohol Support in the search.

SO, how was everyone's month? I had a 2 week holiday in August and that was a bit boozier than normal. But I felt I was drinking in moderation and I had some planned dry days. This month, its back to my limit of 3 drinks per week, usually wine. I look forward to chatting to new and old friends - and promise to keep in better touch this month! I was rather screen-avoidant in Aug!

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Thanks for posting, Eleanorba :)

Have a good month, everyone. White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits :)

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siggie1st 7lbs

Good evening Eleanorba, hope you are well😊 August was a little over the place , with some sneaky mid week drinking creeping in. Not too much, but enough for me to lose my non drinking streak😒But, September looks promising, we are away for a couple of days at the end of the month do I will factor that in.

I have also discovered that I don't particularly enjoy going for a run the morning after having a couple of glasses of wine.

Here's to a super september😊

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to siggie

Well done siggie,put it down to August being a holiday month. I had several wobbles :) It's positive that you notice the difference running after an alcohol free evening, it does take it's toll doesn't it?👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Arthrath7lbs in reply to siggie

I am the same the day after even one drink. I thought that it was my stomach playing up again but after having a month alcohol free then drinking again I have made the connection that even one glass makes my inerds irritable. Hubby thinks that they are simply catching up with the rest of me😲. But even with that knowledge… I still enjoy glass or two. How foolish we humans are! Sort of glad I’m not alone.

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EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to siggie

Hi siggie, I had a more indulgent month of both eating and drinking too. Then I just had a family wedding this past weekend and drank more than intended. So I'm thinking of going completely dry for the rest of the month to kind of recalibrate. Sounds like you're really on it - half the battle with anything like this is acknowledging what happened and moving on I think!

I have not posted on the drink less site for a while. I keep forgetting. But you have made me more aware of my drinking. Unfortunately the month and we are at day five I am up to 3 units. I wonder if it will still be 3 units by the end of the month. Girding my loins.🤞

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Arthrath

Hi Arthrath, I think it's positive that you're counting your units of alcohol. You're aware of the dangers :)

Good luck🍀

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EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to Arthrath

Hi there Arthrath, I agree with TTC, great that you're counting! So do you mean you don't want to drink any more alcohol for the rest of the month, or are you trying to stick to 3 units per week?

I would like it to be 3 for the whole month but in reality.. just one unit a week seems more achievable so that’s my aim, any less will be a bonus.

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EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to Arthrath

One per week sounds brilliant.

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Hi Eleanorba and everyone, I hope you're all well and still managing tom stick to, what ever plan you decided on.

We're now in the 2nd half of September, I'm still going strong and the scales are reflecting my efforts of drinking less. It's still hot here during the day so I'm still drinking fizzy water+lemon. I do have the occasional glass of white with fizzy water but there's always more water than wine.

Keep it up everyone, we're far stronger than a glass of plonk!🥂

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EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to TheTabbyCat

Such a good point TTC! Since the family wedding two weeks ago I've had half a glass of beer (alcoholic beer that is, I've had a few zero beers)...and that's it! Work's very hectic at this time of year so no time to socialise!

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Eleanorba

Well done Eleanorba, although no time for solial life doesn't sound good. I hope you're well :)

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