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How to ‘survive’ my holiday and not gain loads of weight

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PixieElv2022 June
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Hello there

I’m new to the forum and I need some advice please.

After decades of struggling with my weight (I was a fat child, and was relentlessly bullied) I finally managed to loose weight. It’s a combination of watching what I eat and exercise and it’s been working well

I’m going on holiday to Spain in July, where it’s too hot to exercise and there’s sangria (I like a drink…😊 )

How can I prevent a big weight gain. I’m truly petrified. Brings back all the bad childhood memories.

Any advice is really welcome

Thank you

6 Replies
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LosingGame2022 May

Hi PixieElv

I have plans to visit Dubai - very hot out doors but air conditioned inside. I'll be walking a lot in malls and might take my resistance bands. There may or may not be a gym in the hotel. I'll take nuts, buy fruits and low fat food from the supermarket.

For u it will be a privilege to enjoy and understand Spanish and Mediterranean dishes and culture in a healthy way. Please, share your experiences when u return.

Hope these links help u:

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PixieElv2022 June in reply to LosingGame

Hello LosingGameYes being able to go on holiday is a great privilege and I am very grateful I can.

I hope you enjoy your trip.

Best wishes

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Hello and welcome to this friendly and supportive forum. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you had with bullying but you have done well to lose the weight and I'm glad you have come here for support with maintaining. We have a maintainers group which you can find along with all the information you need in pinned posts:

A lot of us in the group are maintaining our weight loss and its not easy so do pop in and say hello.

With regard to your holiday continue to do what you are doing and watch what you eat. A mediterranean diet is very healthy so try and choose carefully. Also I would recommend you drink plenty of water. You will need it due to the heat and I find it makes me feel less hungry. Enjoy a drink if you wish but you could alternate the sangria with water so you drink less.

Are you going on a beach holiday or will there be a swimming pool? Swimming is great exercise. If you are sightseeing walking is good too. It is possible to exercise while you are away. Most importantly enjoy your holiday and don't spend it worrying about your weight. If you gain a little you can get back on track when you return with your normal weight loss and exercise routine. I hope you have a great time

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PixieElv2022 June in reply to Gizmocat

Thank you Gizmocat (we had a cat called Gizmo!!!)I will check out the group, what a great idea.

And you are right re holiday, I need to chill and enjoy and pick it up when I come back 😊 It’s just brings up all those horrible memories and feelings, but I will work on that

Best wishes

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Decline the bread basket!! We don’t put a basket of bread on the table at home so why do restaurants do this.

I am off to Greece next week to meet my very thin friend and bring her home, she stays for a month each summer.

Portion control is difficult, we cope best if we order 1 main course and 1 side vegetable or salad and share. I hate leaving food but if we are served too much I shouldn’t feel guilty if some is left.

I suspect the wine is also part of the problem but I drawer the line at cutting that out on holiday! Enjoy the Sangria.

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PixieElv2022 June in reply to Alisongold

Haha! You’ve got it on the wine/sangria front. So made yummy calories. I’m pretty good at saying no to the bread basket but the pudding?!

Especially after booze. It really does lower your threshold 😂

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