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Hello 👋 . I am new here

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Megapanda2021 December

I am new this group so I thought I'll just say I quick hello.

I struggle with loosing weight and find it hard to be motivated to stick to diet or any changes . It's just so easy to go back to old habits especially when you don't get much results . I am hoping with some support and people also on a weight loss or health journeys , we can help each other .


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Hello and welcome to the forum Megapanda

There is support here and clubs to join in with that will hopefully help with motivation :)

Everything you need to find your way around is here in Pinned Posts


Please take the time to read the Welcome Newbies post. I would recommend that you join a weigh in day of your choice and the Daily Diary, both are great places for lots of support.

Wishing you success on your weight loss journey :)

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Lytham3st 7lbs

Hiya, one of the best places for support is the weigh in, would you like to join us on today's? Here's the link, hope to see you there :-) x


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Hopalong13 stone in reply to Lytham

Can we have Lytham and Hop's special weigh-in? 😂🤣 Got that Drop two dress sizes CD out of mothballs last night. Weighing 3/4lb lighter today. Have a great day xx

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Lytham3st 7lbs in reply to Hopalong1

LOL!!! Hey, that's BRILLIANT chick, you can't keep a good woman down ! :-) I need a copy of that! :-) x lol

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Hopalong13 stone

Wanted to say hi, Megapanda. Most days a few of us plan diet and exercise on the Daily Diary. I find this a game changer. Thursday's link is below. Good luck x


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jd654st 7lbs

Welcome to the forum. It’s a great place to find support from people going through the same thing.

I recommend joining a weekly weigh in, posting in the Daily Diary for great menu ideas, join in with a Daily chat to get to know people.

There are lots of other posts on different topics so I’m sure you’ll plenty support you.

Good luck. As someone who’s lost over 4.5 stone with the help of these wonderful people I would definitely say you are in the right place.

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