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Best “steps tracker”?

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Just wanted opinions on what steps/fitness tracker everyone uses? I need to buy one but don’t know what one to get.

11 Replies
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Maybe you'll find your answer here, Ganon92

I have a very old tom tom watch. I love it. It measures heart rate and distance, but not steps. I think a lot of folk like fit bits as they measure steps aswell.

There are a fair few free step tracker apps for your phone too. Some times they are not that accurate, and of course they only work when you have your phone with you.

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ScoutyPat10 kg

Hi Ganon92.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Fit2, which at £49, is 1/4 of the price of fitbits I have owned previously, but along with the app on my phone does as much if not more than the expensive ones I have owned before.

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Purplelady021 stone in reply to ScoutyPat

Thanks for this scouty pat as looking to get samsung one x

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Purplelady021 stone

Hi I have had a few Fitbits but wouldn't recommend them. My current one synches OK to my phone but the screen is blank most if the time. Looking at Samsung ones now x

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Bear7893st 7lbs

I love my fitbit and linked scales, all works together well and I like being able to change the strap.

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I use the active 10 app to measure brisk walking minutes and Strava to measure distance. I find these adequate.

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I absolutely love my Fitbit Aspire (despite its awful name!). It syncs up fine with my pretty old phone and has taken me from total couch potato to 11,500 steps (5 miles) per day minimum.

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I use a free app on my phone when I am walking just called Steps App . Watches can be annoying for me when climbing stiles and when weather is bad . I have a phone case I can wear like an arm band .

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I use the "Samsung Health" app that came with my phone for steps and then the Active 10 app to measure "brisk" walking. That's all I need but then I don't like too much information. It's too easy for me to get obsessed with counting stuff and forget the basics.

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Thank you all! I’ll look into the ones you have recommended now xx

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