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Nintendo Switch RingFit

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Ganon92Restart April 2021

Hey all.

Have any of you got one of these? I’m really tempted because I’m so morbidly obese that I get embarrassed when trying to exercise outside, even just walking there are people who look at me and judge.

I’m after reviews on this Switch game, positive or negative, as it could be a game changer for me.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Hi again Ganon92, I'm afraid I have no idea about the Nintendo thingy except of course it looks fun. But I've only seen it on the telly with a very fit young lady doing it. There's no way i could do that. I think this link may be of more help to you. Remember, we can't out run a bad diet.

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Ganon92Restart April 2021 in reply to TheTabbyCat

Hi again TC! :) I was literally just reading that haha. I mainly want the Ring Fit to boost my stamina, improve my mental health (I was surprised to learn that exercise actually helps emotional well-being!) and to -hopefully- tone up my flabby bits as I lose weight. I’ve been looking at my rather large belly this afternoon, and because I’ve already lost a bit of weight it has gone a bit wrinkly and I can also see a little hernia (no pain but will keep an eye on it) I don’t want my whole body to be wrinkly after I lose haha x

TheTabbyCat profile image
TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Ganon92

Yes, exercise helps. I'm much older than you and have 2 hip replacements there's no way I can do more than walk the dog, swim or the cyclette. Exercise definitely leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction, it releases the dopamine, happy hormone. :)When I had more mobility problems, I worked with a personal trainer , just a couple of times a week for a few months. It was well worth it.

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Ganon92Restart April 2021 in reply to TheTabbyCat

I’ve got bad mobility problems too tbh but I’m pushing myself to overcome it. This forum seems so nice and supportive so I’m looking forward to getting more involved x

I looked at this and it's rather expensive but I suppose much cheaper than a gym membership if used on a regular basis!!

It's worth pointing out that there's plenty of free exersize you can do at home, personally I do YouTube videos and also use resistance bands (which were a birthday present).

Whatever you decide to buy/ do, I'd recommend joining in with the Fit is Fun thread, it's full of encouragement and great ideas. :)

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Ganon92Restart April 2021 in reply to Greendream123

Hey thank you. I’m looking forward to getting the Ring Fit. Here’s hoping that it will help.

Hopewhispers profile image
Hopewhispers1 stone in reply to Greendream123

I.bought resistance bands this week, haven't used them yet but I'm interested to see how impactful they are, how are u finding them?

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Bluesnow2222021 April

I LOVE it. (I'm >300lbs).

If you really just are starting on your fitness journey I think its a good place to start. As you play you are able to focus on the exercises that are best for you. So for example- I have mobility issues with my hip - but I was able to remove exercises from circulation that I just physically couldn't do.

The flow of the game transitions from both cardio (Jogging and other movements in place to get your heart racing)- but it then transitions to more focused exercises which gives you a chance to catch your breath while doing strengthening work.

The game is also fun--- it keeps me motivated to kick butt! You get constant feed back telling your if you're performing the exercises correctly, and just motivation to keep going.

Unfortunately with my hip I've had to take a bit of a break, but I thought it was a great investment and I highly recommend it.

Ganon92 profile image
Ganon92Restart April 2021 in reply to Bluesnow222

That’s epic, thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to getting one x

Jessiecake profile image
Jessiecake2021 April

I have the ring fit and really enjoy playing it, it works you more than you’d think! There’s a good variety of exercises on there and if you’re finding it too difficult/easy you can change the intensity really easily. There’s even a section where you can create your own work outs. I know people say it’s expensive but I feel it’s worth the money

BridgeGirl profile image
BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Jessiecake

Good morning, Jessiecake, welcome to the forum :)

You'll find everything you need in Pinned Posts A good starting point is joining a weekly weigh in (why not today?) and using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans. Take a look at the Fit is Fun club, too.

Active participation pays off so I hope we'll see you joining in around the forum :)

Oscarsaurus profile image
Oscarsaurus2021 January

I am 54 and my partner bought me a Switch a couple of years ago for Xmas and last year bought me the ring fit which i love... i had gained over 2 stone during lockdown so loved using this at home x

Yassa profile image
Yassa2021 March

Love mine. Used to go to to gym when they were open and now it’s the RingFit. Really good for toning and loosening your body. Good mojo devise.

Ganon92 profile image
Ganon92Restart April 2021

Thank you all. Really great feedback. I’m going to try and get one 😁

Hi ganon 92 can you get you tube on you tv if you can , type in excersises for beginners its alot fun aswell as you could do.little dance excersises aswell , good luck you can do this and don't care what anyone else say you doing great xx

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