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101.7kg and time for changes

SilverSpeedRestart April 2020

Well a lot has happened and i said I would be back in August and here I am ready and also have the support of my girlfriend as she also would like to loose weight.

So for 2 days in a row I have been digging for about a hour each day after work and going at my own pace to slowly increase my fitness once again. Setting myself reasonable goals like digging towards the brick I had laid as pictured.

Now my target this time would be to loose 0.5 to 1kg each week with a change in diet to start off with as I found that the most Effective way to loose weight as well as creating a calorie deficit.

Now I am taking steps now to improve myself and what to do with my time and try to be as efficient as possible.

Now I can't go on digging forever but my goal is to complete the dig out by the end of the month and I have around 5 evenings to do this. Giving currently only a hour and stepping that up to 2-3 hours over next week.

Once the digging is complete I will once again start walking a hour in the evenings again but this time not burn myself out and get injuries. (Learning from last time )

Plus creating a more well rounded exercise I will also be doing other physical activities like swimming and maybe a sport I can do with my girlfriend too.

Now I maybe looking to far forward but just for today I will not be a lazy bum and take each day as it comes.

My original goal is unachievable now so when me and my girlfriend meet up we shall set ourselves one within a time frame and hopefully have new healthy lifestyle habits too.

This is me officially back and I welcome the support I had before and continuation I shall keep a post each week with updates and log my weight on the weekly post.

I hope you all enjoy reading as I enjoy getting more healthy

(Points too note I still haven't had a alcoholic drink since 31st August 2017 and probably won't drink ever again.)

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Hi Silverspeed -you sound very motivated and I agree any exercise is good-I go walking as I would rather be out in the fresh air enjoying the scenery that stuck in a gym! I go swimming every morning before work and it really sets me up for the day-good luck with everything and keep us informed of your progress.


Welcome back SilverSpeed - you are sounding motivated an it's great that you are doing this with your girlfriend, so much easier when the two of you are supporting each other. It looks like you are re creating a garden, that will keep you busy and great exercise.

Well done for abstaining from alcohol for so long

Onwards and downwards :)

SilverSpeedRestart April 2020 in reply to lucigret

Onwards and downwards I love it

hellobeaut6st 7lbs

Welcome back SilverSpeed! That digging, man! Can't even think of it, well done!

My partner and I are complete opposites, I need to lose tons of weight and he needs to gain (not really - he's very light but healthy, but I suppose if he'd be a bit heavier I would feel smaller ahah) and we decided to do something together as well, so last month we started taking couple dance classes... we are terrible and I feel sorry for whoever has to look at us, but it is good not only for our fitness, but also for our relationship! Give it a go!

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