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Get rid of Food Visuals to Get rid of your excess Weight


One important step of losing weight is to delink - detach yourself from all Food Related visuals ( some call it food porn too). It has been proved that excessive talk about food or excessive exposure to food photographs, posters, magazines, sites, apps etc ultimately will lead you to seek that food and overeat/overindulge.

So if you want to lose weight, detach from every type of food visuals/exposure.

1. Unplug from Facebooks sites about food.

2. Remove all food related apps from your smart fone.

3. Stop discussing about new food joints with your friends.

4. Stop following Food related Instagram pictures.

5. Stop watching cookery shows on TV.

5. Delink from foodies, mad about foodies, because they will keep tempting you with 'Just one more bite/new restaurant/dish

Remember the less food you see, the less you will eat.

The less you talk about food, the less you will eat.

Instead of food apps, sites, pages etc, try to connect to fitness, yoga related sites, pages, insta follows. Focus on health, focus on fitness, eject from food mania, food talk, latch on to healthy living.

This is the (only) way to program your mind for fitness and health.

Breath fitness

See fitness

Talk fitness

and Soon you will be as Fit as you want to be!

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This is so true! How many times have we been happily watching TV, only to be bombarded with adverts for chocolate/takeaway etc?

These are designed to make you buy and eat and the products are designed to make you keep eating them.

Mind you, I don't remember ever being coaxed from my couch to go and buy a gym membership ;)

So true!!

All the advertisements / photos are designed to make us droooooooooooool..... and then zoooooooooooom to the shop ... and sssiiiiiinnnnnkkkkkk our teeth into the ....


We need to watch what we watch.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd


Tiggerr6kg in reply to moreless

'coaxed from my couch to go and buy a gym membership', so true :)

I can appreciate that. Before last xmas I swamped my brain with different types of 'one off' special cheesecakes to make for when my parents were going to stay. I ended up making lots of 'one off' desserts and then spent xmas singly demolishing them and more. It may well have been the trigger for my long backward slide this year.

Unless I find that watching cookery programs is terminal for me I won't be stopping watching them, especially as Aussie Masterchef starts at the end of this month. I'm just going to have to be a bit more mentally responsible.

I agree in principle with what you're saying but I do feel there is hopefully a point where we can become responsible for what we do. Understanding that this brainwashing is going on is a good step towards reaching a more zen like relationship with food.

What you see is a great magnet for what you are going to do.

If you can control the Seeing to Eating chain reaction, then it would not be a problem.

Yes, a lot of famous Chefs are slim and trim like Vikas Khanna / Sanjeev Kapoor of India. They are surrounded by food, yet, they are able to have maybe a few teeny weeny bites only.

Mindful eating is the key here i believe. The fact that you are aware that such a chain reaction exists may help you control yourself more.

Enjoy your experiences, each bit, but just take care :)


I think it,s a shame not more positive advertising is around for say C25 K programme, the feel-good effects of walking daily. I would love to see free local advertisements allowed on T.V. for our local council run leisure centers, the classes, and facilities they offer with the added benefits.

My youngest son has a £10 per month gym membership for unlimited swimming and the gym at our local council leisure center. He cannot use the weights but he can use all the cardio machines and he takes his boxing gloves and there are a couple of young instructors who spar with him and he can use the boxing bags.

It has been great as I still have to work through the summer holidays and he has been riding his bike there with his friends and having a great time. However, it is not advertised enough.

So much advertising is based around low cholesterol spreads, etc. More effort is needed to encourage us to take pre-emptive steps before certain ailments and conditions are on the horizon. So many cookery programmes are not balanced with exercise or how to feel good about ourselves for free.

We know the NHS is burdened and G.P.s overstretched with time so instead of just putting the ads on for "post - stroke" advice put on ads for constructive tips and advice for trying to reduce the chances of a stroke. Nothing is guaranteed but anything which might make someone look at their life style has got to be a bonus.

Joanney695st 7lbs in reply to Floppy123

Good points floppy 😊

Floppy123Maintainer in reply to Joanney69

Thank you.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Floppy123

Some excellent points here Floppy 😊. Sounds like your son has had a great time! 😊👏

Floppy123Maintainer in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you.Best £10 I have spent!

True, more advertisements for preventive steps are needed.

Unfortunately in the media, there are more ads for pizzas than for gyms.

At any point of time there are at least 10 channels showing food preparations but just one talking about health and fitness.

We ourselves have to break this conspiracy and be healthy. :)

Hi Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd

I usually try to watch TV programmes where I can fast-forward or avoid adverts - because I agree with you - they really do show some quite unhealthy foods - especially on the weekends! I also really like what Floppy123 said about wishing there were more adverts for exercise and things like Couch to 5km and many more great resources like that.

However, I have to say, that as a self-confessed 'food voyeur' - it's a passion of mine to post photos of food and meals several times a day! I am thankful that it's not contributed to my being overweight - infact it's helped me to maintain my weight loss in many ways - as I think about what I am eating - and I enjoy the preparation and the discussions that ensue about meals and food.

I think that discussing food and venues for eating out is part of our culture - and has been over decades - and watching cookery shows - it helps me learn new ways to cook and enjoy food and sharing experiences socially with friends and family. I also think it's helpful to get ideas from others about healthy foods and experiences.

Just wanted to say that - as healthy eating and exercise are passions of mine.

Zest :-)

Tiggerr6kg in reply to Zest

Nearly all my TV is recorded and as you say, the adverts get skipped on fast forward.

I think that once you've reached a certain point in living healthily, then the adverts have the opposite effect of attracting and all I'm thinking is despair that the adverts exist and that people get sucked in by them.

G1nny3lbs in reply to Zest

I love all your photos, especially the food ones.

Zest in reply to G1nny

Thanks G1nny - I'm glad you like them. :-)

Zest :-)

Fabulous, if you are able to maintain the balance, go for it.

Posting your healthy food pics is definitely a good motivation for others too I believe.

Thanks :)

Thanks for your lovely reply. :-)

Zest :-)

Always be full of Zest!! :)

I love it! :-)


Something that works for me is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ so I put leftovers away in a Tupperware box with lid. I also have biscuits and chocolate in for the occasional indulgence but these too are in a box out of sight, sounds silly but it really works 😊

G1nny3lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

My boyfriend loves all sweets and I make him a batch of brownies every week. All his sweets have to be hidden under a little blanket on his desk so it is out of my sight, otherwise I want them. If he forgets to keep them covered he knows I’m going to throw them away and not make his brownies that week.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to G1nny

Oh my! You do do well!! I hope he appreciates your efforts! 😊

ohsofierceRestart October 2020 in reply to G1nny

I like that his forgetting actually has consequences! My boyfriend is starting to learn/see/understand how much I struggle so he has started to be more mindful in the sense that he will intentionally choose sweet treats that he knows I don't like so I don't get tempted. I really liked reading about your strategy too!!

G1nny3lbs in reply to ohsofierce

That’s really nice of him. He’s a keeper.

Indigoblue, you are absolutely right. It works. Out of sight - out of mind. Even within the house. Sometimes when there are too many sweet boxes, we push it into the freezer, so that it becomes all the more difficult to see and find and thaw and eat.

Very practical tip, Thanks

Joanney695st 7lbs

I'm doomed then!!! 😂 🤣 As I work in the Co-op, I am always surrounded by food - the good, the bad and the ugly 😂

Ha, ha, you can take care, be aware that the mind gets pulled into such traps.

Then you can find the balance :)

Joanney695st 7lbs in reply to Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd

I have definitely been working on that 😂 the pastries no longer talk to me, so it's going in the right direction 👍

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Joanney69

That’s a really big deal Joanney, well done 👏

Joanney695st 7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thanks Anna 😊

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Joanney69

Ps Joanney!! I’m trying to be incognito 🤣😫😂

Joanney695st 7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61


IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Joanney69



So I'm a chef, how do I get past that one.

S11m in reply to Hidden

The science of fashion is to get us to pay more for less material,

...and the science of "haut cuisine" is to sell less food for more money,

¿Do you cook LCHF?

Hidden in reply to S11m

I don't cook lchf I work in a hospital. I would like to for myself though.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Hidden

That must be hard with budget constraints and everyone always so quick to grumble. I think you all deserve a medal 🎖🎖🎖

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Hidden

Oh my! That could go either way, either you get totally sick of food or you just love food so much you can’t help yourself!! I guess if you’re here it’s the latter 😊

Welcome to the forum by the way. In case you haven’t already seen it please read the Welcome Newbies post here

Have a good read and just shout if you have any questions

Best wishes

Indigo 😊

Hidden in reply to IndigoBlue61

I love food and where I work it's all day eating. Someone wants you to taste what they've made etc etc. I don't think I could ever be sick of food, only salads and fruit lol.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Hidden

That must be hard . . . Maybe write a post on the main forum and ask for advice from other members? I’m sure you’re not the only chef 👨‍🍳

Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd in reply to Hidden

Hi Chef Blackdog99,

You can tune into Mindful Eating.

Since you are into Food Industry then its a different matter. Just be aware of what you eat.

Eat tiny bits only. Drink lots of water and fluids.

Find time for fitness and you will be fine. :)

Hi Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd

Homer is doing OK, he has carbs, protein, fibre, minerals, its...

A balanced diet is a burger in each hand!

Ha ha :)


Great advice! I had to stop watching television shows that are all about food. No more "Chopped", " Man v Food", etc.

Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd in reply to Hidden

True, when you keep watching food shows, then the next thing you are doing is either ordering it or cooking it!!


Hidden in reply to Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd

So true!!

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