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Afternoon everyone I no haven’t been on here for over week I had rough time lately I been feeling really etc but I had big kick up the bum weekend made me realise how much I need to change make me feel better and I’m start fresh I feel so much better I’m myself when I eat right give good feeling I need stick to it not cave I fed feeling so rubbish about myself it time for do it for me

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Aww its sad to say it but those kick arse moments are what drive us to succeed in whatever we do..

Its not easy to stay focused in real life but keep your eye on the goal always and dont kick yaself too hard for eating a naughty, best thing about changing your mindset is every day is brand new..

Good luck bbz xx

Kerry194 thank u hun it wot I needed to b honest

Absolutely dont we all..

I live by the 80/20 rule always - it doesnt matter if you eat cake or have a big meal.. it matters if you have it every day 👌

Yea I jus gotta stop beating myself when I do slip up but I do feel rubbish after to then I down in a spiral but I’m not gonna get me now


Hello Amie_eve5962 , it really doesn't matter if you don't post often. What I think will be more useful to you is joining in with other people's posts and events and challenges, then you don't feel as though you're doing it on your own.

You missed your weigh-in last Friday but you can catch up with your team this Friday, get to know them and give them your support - all the more important if the scales haven't gone in your favour.

I think you have a good calorie allowance. Is it up towards 2000 calories? If you use that to get three filling meals, you're far less likely to go off track.

When you have planned your meals for tomorrow, you can join Tuesday's Daily Diary and list them there, and we can give you some advice or ideas.

You can do this if you take it step by step.

Thank you bridegrGirl I jus felt ashamed last week I new I put on but if plan wot I hav every day should do a lot better thank u

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Amie_eve5962

So now you need to be deciding what you're all having this evening and for breakfast. After breakfast, decide what you're having for lunch and evening meal. And so on...

You can allow around 600 cals per meal. If you go much below that, you'll probably be looking for "snacks" in between times, and that's where you can seriously go off track.

Thank you I’m doin cottage pie for us with lots of veg

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Amie_eve5962

Sounds tasty :)

I’m looking forward to it lol xxx

Tiggerr10 kg

Sorry to hear you had a tough time Amie.

The forum can be a very useful support if used when things aren't going so well as when things are going right.

We do feel so good when we eat right and one of the tricks is to try to hang onto that memory each time we feel tempted (easier said then done :) ).

Amie_eve5962 in reply to Tiggerr

Thanks tigerr I definitely Comte stronger then I hav before I hope keep like it

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