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Game - How many calories?

Pineapple274 stone

....for my dinner tonight? For obvious reasons, I'm not going to tell you quantities, but the picture is my meal and it consists of:

Butternut squash roasted in one-cal olive oil spray, feta cheese, toasted pine nuts, lettuce, cucumber, quarter of an avocado and a drizzle (measured) of honey and mustard dressing...

I'll give you one other clue - 10g of pine nuts.

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Morgancando1st 7lbs

I guess at 512 cals. Looks yummy


Ooh delish! It would be hard to care how many calories!! About 400?

Pineapple274 stone in reply to Trimmerteacher

Was lovely and highly recommended!

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Pineapple27,

This looks delicious - I will estimate that it was approx 357 calories?

Zest :-)

411 would be my guess




310...all down to the Feta...

Estimated guess 250.

Morgancando is tonights winner. The answer is 503 calories so just 9 calories out!

Butternut Squash 250g 73.8 cals

Olive Oil one-cal spray 30 sprays 30 cals

Cheese, Feta, Greek, Tesco 75g 206 cals

Pine Nuts 10g 70 cals

Cucumber 60g 6 cals

Lettuce, Raw 1 Cup Shredded/56g 8 cals

Onions, Red, Raw 10g 4 cals

Avocado, Flesh Only ¼ Med/36.25g 69 cals

Dressing, Honey & Mustard, Sainsbury's 1 Serving/10ml 37 cals

TOTAL: 503.8 calories

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Pineapple27

Woohoo! I like this game!

It’s quite reassuring to know I’m good at counting calories.

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Morgancando

One of the things it does demonstrate is that weight control is not all about conscious counting.

If the best of us is just 10 kcal out per day (let alone per meal) that's a pound of fat per year :-)

JiminyCricket2020 July in reply to Pineapple27

Interesting that only Morgancando guessed over, I would have said 450, also under, but saw this too late to join in. We naturally guesstimate under. I like this game though (and its good practice!)....again! again!


Again pls? I like this game and makes us conscious of the calories.

ZestHealthy BMI

I forgot to factor in the quarter avocado as well. Fun game, Pineapple27 :-)

Pineapple274 stone in reply to Zest

That's why logging is such a useful tool for weight loss, as perhaps when we think of what we've eaten during the day we sometimes forget something fairly insignificant / small, but in terms of calories (like the avocado) VERY significant!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Pineapple27

Yes, it is - definitely a good thing to do. I was purely looking at your photo when I was estimating, and I realised after that you gave extra info in the words - i.e. mentioning the avocado and the 10g pine nuts clue. I will be more 'observant' and take into account more info next time. :-)

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