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Having a goal, whether you achieve it or not, is really important. Not long ago, I said I wanted to be a mermaid. Sounds like I've gone nuts (only half true, I'm already certified team crazy) But one of the things I want to do in order to achieve my goal, is to learn to free dive. Something that appeals to me because I tried scuba diving years ago but found it far too claustrophobic with all the gear on. Of course I have to be physically and mentally healthy before I can get there. But this does look awesome.


What are your goals? What else will your goals help you achieve? Big or small, they are important.

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You are right Cookie101 without a goal you won't make a plan, without a plan there will be no focused action.. Just random strikes.

My next goal is to lose 6 pounds by the end of September.. And be at my target weight by end of December...

That looks amazing! Some of my goals weren't goals when I set off on my weight loss journey, but only now do I realise what my additional weight was making me miss out on!

This year in June we did an amazing safari holiday to Botswana & Victoria Falls. It involved four different locations in Zimbabwe and Botswana, a lot of travel (9 flights in total, most of those on small 5-12 seater planes), I needed a lot of energy (days starting at 5am!) BUT it was AMAZING and I did it. Whats more, I enjoyed it and it wasn't an ordeal. Also, because of my disability, my husband had to lift me in and out of jeeps - about 3ft off the ground. I am sure he found it a lot easier as I now weigh 4 stone less than I did!

Heres more about it: flidfit.com/2017/07/28/holi...

So much confidence did the holiday give me that more or less as soon as we got back, we planned another trip with the same travel company. Next year we are going to Costa Rica!

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That sounds amazing. I think our goals change with us. It doesn't matter that they change, only that they carry us forward. I love that you were able to enjoy it rather than suffer through it. It makes me happy to know that it is possible to go out and do something amazing. I'm dealing with a lot of pain at the moment which makes it difficult to go out and do things. I haven't been out for ages and I dread people asking me. It's so easy to bury my head in the biscuit tin but my goals are keeping me going. I can eat another cookie, or I can be a mermaid!

Can't wait to hear about Costa Rica!😁


I want to be 145lbs which was my wedding weight 12 years ago. Only 30 lbs to go! I will do it!!

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That's fantastic Melhall. The great thing is, you have your wedding photos to spur you on. You've chosen the weight you had on one of the best days of your life. The goal may have come from a past experience but you've got wonderful memories to keep you going. You will definitely get there!

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Thank you.

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