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today 13 st 9.5 lbs

last weigh in 13 st 10.8 lbs

original weight 14 st.

I had company last week and missed my weigh in. Not sure how to post when I had a gain the previous week so I put my original weight in as well. I guess I'm at 4.5 total lbs lost. Not as quick as I would like but if its staying off then that's the goal. glad to be tracking here again. It feels weird when I've missed a week.

Today and this week are my times to take care of me. Just received Divorce papers in the mail yesterday and thought we'd have a conversation before that happened and it'd be at least a couple more months. Any ideas for controlling my emotions without turning to food or beverage please let me know!

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Hi, sorry to hear about divorce stuff. Avoiding eating bad stuff when stressed is really hard. I try avoiding having temptation around. I distract myself with other things like looking online for new stuff to fit into when I am slimmer. I do swimming, cuddling and watching tv. Can't say it always works but I am a lot better than I used to be and if I don't eat something bad I then stop myself eating the 2nd bad thing and get straight back into making better choices. I also use this forum a lot which helps keep me on the straight and narrow because there is always someone to give or receive support and talk to.

Thanks Ella,

I might be writing a lot this week! I'm in the job hunt as well so staying positive for interviews. I think this forum might just support me into moving to a better place in life!


Hi Bella, sorry to hear about all the trauma in your life at the moment, just remember, food won't fix it and will make you feel worse about yourself in the long run.

You need to post your weight on the weigh-in thread, to be included in the stats. The link can be found in Events, which is on the right hand side of the Home page, or right at the bottom of the Home page, if using a mobile :)

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi bellatakescharge

Sorry to hear about your divorce I know just how stressful that can be. Why not pamper yourself with a nice relaxing bath or painting your nails to stop you from turning to food.

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