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Assistance needed please

Tiggerr10 kg

Good day all,

I've spent this week weighing myself now and then. The previous 8 weeks I was just doing it weekly. I'm not going to do that again because its been an emotional roller coaster.

36 hours after last Monday's weigh-in I weighed 0.8kg more without doing anything differently and since then my weight has gone up and down during the week. I guess I knew that it did but it seems quite dramatic.

The bit I would like someone to hopefully explain is this... yesterday evening I weighed 78.0kg which was the same as last week's weigh in (so I felt deflated). However, I was still quite a way from my daily calorie limit and I forced down a chunk of greengage crumble that bloated me out (I haven't been eating once to the "feel bloated stage"). I was scared of doing this as I couldn't see how I would weigh less in the morning as I was adding to my already "wrong" weight.

I weigh myself this morning and I'm 77.4kg. ???????. Whilst asleep I've lost 0.6kg plus the weight of the crumble. I'm guessing its all fluid but that seems so much. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier (really happy) but I'm definitely going back to weighing myself weekly.

ps. I've got two identical digital scales (overkill... I know) and they concur with each other.

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Claz1 stone

Hi.. i cant give an explanation ..... but i weigh myself daily too just for logging to get my trend.. i now know that every month i get a big weight loss... followed by up then a sts or possibly down a couple of 1bs more.... its interesting to see in the graphs that fitness pal produces and has helped me to understand my weight flucuations. this is the reason i only take the monthly figure else it would send me mad if i took notice of daily/weekly weigh-ins.

It's because your body still needs to live while you're asleep! Most of your calories are used up simply in keeping your body ticking along. You used up stored glucose overnight to produce energy, and gave off waste products of carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Here's some biology ;-)

"The word equation for cellular respiration is glucose (sugar) + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water + energy (as ATP). The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is C6H1206 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy (ATP)."

All that glucose used for respiration is coming from your body.

In addition, you are losing water just through evaporation from your nose /mouth, and sweating.

Here's an article about overnight weight loss which you might like :

Personally, I weigh myself every morning, and most nights, with digital scales, and I'm finding it all starts to make sense now. It helps me to understand what's going on and I do see a change from day to day, directly related to what I did the day before. I'm only a newbie (been doing it since January) but I'm finding it interesting and motivating. I lose about 1kg overnight, although much of that is due to weighing myself after a wee!

Tiggerr10 kg in reply to cornucopia55

... and that's another great reason why I love this forum so much. Thank you so much cornucopia55 for posting that.


O M G, have a good week. :)


Tiggerr my weight fluctuates all the time, my understanding is that most peoples does. I weigh in on Friday morning. I weigh myself at around 8.30am after my shower and I always weigh less at this time than any other time in the week! If I'm lucky I may weigh the same on a Thursday morning but usually I'm a pound or two more and then panic thinking I have gone up! Makes no sense.


It's hard not to get downhearted when the scales don't move, or move in the wrong direction! But remember it's FAT we are trying to lose and that isn't reflected on the bathroom scales. 😕

My weight can go up and down by 2 or even 3 kilos!!! But the general trend is down. 😊

Interestingly, my 'weight' has barely moved in 6 months yet I'm wearing a smaller dress size 😊

Hope you get on better weighing weekly 😊

Tiggerr10 kg in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thanks for the reply Anna and great news about the smaller dress size.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Tiggerr

I cling to these small triumphs!! 😂

Tiggerr10 kg in reply to IndigoBlue61

That's being very modest. Reducing our clothes size is a pretty big thing and I'm guessing you're pretty happy with that. I'm still wearing the same jeans but my belt has moved 3 or 4 holes and I get a kick out of doing it up each time.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Tiggerr

That's what matters ☺☺☺

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